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I am an Oath Keeper

Voters in Florida’s 18th Congressional District are tired of weak leaders who break their campaign promises and misrepresent our values.

True leaders keep their campaign promises and also take action to produce results.

  • Voting for the lesser of two evils is not the answer.
  • I am the true Leader, true Conservative, true Constitutionalist and true Conservationist!
  • Voting for me is the answer!

This Election – Vote Independent!

As your Congressman,
I promise to:

I am a Constitutionalist and a balanced Conservative.

Learn more about the US Constitution at the Heritage foundation.

“Let’s focus on the task at hand for the 18th District. It is a serious job and the Duties and Oath of office are clear and concise. The Oath of Office to the Republican Party and the Oath of Office to Defend the Constitution are not flexible, nor open to interpretation”
— K.W. Miller

My position is clear…

“I will never compromise or agree to ANY infringements on a U.S. citizens 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights. There are no exceptions; there will be no exceptions whether in the State of Florida or Washington, D.C.”
— K.W. Miller

I am a conservationist and I support clean water, profitable agriculture, care of the environment, and protection of our state’s historical sites.

Current time and cost estimates to restore portions of the Everglades, Lake Okeechobee, the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee Rivers, and Florida Bay in order to undo the damage of the past 100 years is estimated to take 30 years and cost $10-15 billion to complete.

“I will be releasing a comprehensive long-term roadmap incorporating the current numerous scientific and well-researched causations, risks, mitigates, and go forward recommendations for the “Florida Wastewater Management and Everglades Restoration Project.”
— K.W. Miller

There are thousands of child sex trafficking rings in the U.S. and globally. Known pedophiles and sex traffickers have been discovered at the highest level of governments and this scourge is pervasive within the Media and Entertainment industry.

“I am committed to fighting and eradicating the sex trafficking of children in the U.S. and will propose legislation creating severe penalties for those involved in this disgustingly sick industry.”
— K.W. Miller

Speak up for those who cannot speak. Speak for the rights of all those who are defenseless.
— Proverbs 31:8

I support fully protecting preexisting Medical Condition Protection and price caps/limits for senior citizens.

I founded the Florida Military Veterans Support Group. We are focused on protecting our military veterans and senior citizens suffering from chronic intractable pain (CIP) and preventing suicide.

“We will not bankrupt military veterans and our paid in senior citizens in their golden years.”
— K.W. Miller

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