Conservative Republican Takes Over Florida 18th District

Why is KW Miller polling above fifty percent (50%) in Florida’s 18th Congressional District?

Polling suggests that a new breed of Independent Conservative is emerging. These are longtime Republican voters who are identifying less and less with the party’s traditional leadership and denounce the corruption.

One-in-four registered Republicans say they would vote Democrat, for some other candidate or are undecided rather than a vote for another Liberal Republican In Name Only (RINO) like Brian Mast in Florida’s 18th Congressional District.

Over 60% of Likely Republican Voters have complained in surveys for years that most GOP representatives in Washington are out of touch with the party base, and “count me out.”

These voters have now registered as Independent/NPA and are the controlling factor in swing States like Florida. He who has the support of the Independent Conservatives, decides the race, whether it be Local, State or Federal.

KW Miller represents the advent of the “Independent Conservative”, is the new Republican voter. It is after all, the Republican Party Base solution to the RINO Republican Cancer eating away at the party.

Donald Trump knocked the dying political parties for a loop by becoming the nation’s first “third-party president”. Both the Republican and Democrat parties have seen mass attrition in recent years.

Let’s be clear, prior to the impeachment hearings, Donald Trump has had to fight the RINO Republicans in Congress to do what most GOP voters have demanded.

Prior to the impeachment hearings, some of the sharpest knives in Trump’s back have been put there by Liberal RINO Republicans in the first two years of his Presidency.

Former and current Republican voters have been very clear in polling, that they identify much more with President Trump than with their congressional leadership. Case in point is St. Lucie County, Florida (18th Congressional District), an original Bastian in Florida of Never-Trump Republican Party RINO’s. They did not support Trump’s nomination for the 2016 GOP presidential Race, which was largely over the dead body of a very hostile Republican establishment. They were mostly tied to the Bush and Rubio machines, and did very little to help Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

The new Independent Conservative base stepped up outside of the REC’s and did the job, winning the inherent support and loyalty of Trump and his supporters.

To be fair, Martin and Palm Beach County Republican Party officials caused similar problems for Trump in the 2016 Republican Primary and general election. This has not been lost on Trump and his supporters either. While the Trump 2020 campaign is flush with cash, little to none is being allocated to Florida’s 18th Congressional District Republican Party RINO’s.

Yes, big brother (POTUS) noticed and is fully aware of his true support base. As the Trump wave has overwhelmed the Republican Party RINO’s, they are forced on the surface to go into the 2020 election, towing the line for Trump, lest they be completely washed out by the remaining base. Problematic Anti-Trump Republican RINO’s are not just in the local REC’s.

Over 38% of Republican voters polled prior to the impeachment hearings, said that the president’s biggest problem in Washington is members of Congress from his own party. There seems to be an axiom in Washington, DC: “When the Democrats are in power, Republicans appear to be the conservative party. But when Republicans are in power, it seems there is no conservative party.

To be clear, nothing is guaranteed for Republicans or Democrats. Polls indicate that Eighty-three percent (83%) of Democrats would vote for their party’s nominee versus 77% of Republicans who would choose the GOP candidate.

Change is coming

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