Conservative Republican Takes Over Florida 18th District

There are no coincidences in politics, everything happens for a reason. There is no such thing as coming out of “left field”, everything is pre-planned for a reason. Let’s discuss.

Brian Mast is NOT a viable congressional candidate in 2020!

We thought it appropriate to share some preliminary information and thoughts with the 18th district voters going into the 2020 congressional election cycle. We trust this will provide some guidance to the numerous enquiries submitted to the KW Miller Congressional Committee in recent months.

Let’s examine the 2018 general election results, and assume for a moment there was no voter fraud. Let’s assume the results are honest tabulations of all forms of ballots submitted in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

Note: We know there are systemic problems with Voter Fraud in St. Lucie County, which will be addressed head on in 2020 via Forensic Auditors. Stay tuned for more information on this initiative.

2018 General Election Results
Total votes: 342,359
Brian Mast 185,905 54.3%
Lauren Baer 156,454 45.7%
Margin +/- 29,451

Democrat Lauren Baer was a weak candidate, did very little groundwork in the district, and was plagued with numerous Obama Era linkages, policies and other issues. Nonetheless, she managed to pull the “assumed fair vote” margin to under 30,000.

Had the Democrats fielded a stronger “Moderate Candidate”, who actually did the groundwork in the district, the probability is that that candidate would have unseated Brian Mast. Just assume that is the case for the time being.

Next, lets look at the registered Independent / NPA voters. Florida has approximately 3.6 million, or 27% Independent / NPA Voters. The numbers are growing every year, as both Republican and Democratic official party membership numbers decline. These are statistical facts, non disputable.

Now lets put it together. Extensive polling results in the 18th district are clear and decisive. A large number of registered republican voters do NOT support Brian Mast and will not vote for him in November 2020, for a myriad of reasons.

Mast has for lack of better terms become Persona Non Grata “damaged goods” with the base. He may carry some pockets of what we refer to as “blind party” voters, mostly retirees, but not material enough to affect results.

Let’s assume the 18th District has 25% Independent / NPA registered voters (vs 27%) in addition to the registered democrats and republicans, which do not support Brian Mast either. The Independents / NPA voters are already disenchanted with the major political parties, and a majority would rather sit out the 2020 election, which polling has indicated.

These independents are not radical or leftist, they are down the middle of the fairway voters. To be clear these Independent / NPA Voters are absolutely critical to any republican candidates ability to win a general election. They do NOT support Brian Mast.

Then we look at the loyalist registered democrat voter base, who will definitely vote for their candidate. Those votes are essentially assured for the Democratic frontrunner, whomever that turns out to be in November.

Here is the punchline, if Brian Mast were to proceed to a General Election against a Democratic Frontrunner in November 2020, he would lose outright, assuming no voter fraud, without intervention.

The 29,000 assumed “Vote Margin” that Mast enjoyed in 2018 does not exist, if it ever existed. How can this be the case one might ask? The math is telling, and driven by the fact that a large part of the current registered republican voter base simply won’t vote for Brian Mast, thus essentially creating an additional vote for the Democratic Frontrunner, who will certainly be a “Moderate” candidate in 2020 given the importance of the 18th District.

Where does this leave us? KW Miller was brought into the process to solve the Brian Mast voter apathy and failure to achieve problem, which was foreseen back in 2018 following the general election.

It was clear to the base and decision makers that Brian Mast was essentially “damaged goods” due to his voting record and myriad of other misgivings and problems, which have only grown more problematic and embarrassing to the Republican Party.

So how do we solve the problem and achieve a “Win Win Scenario” in the 18th District?

KW Miller has the support of the Independent Conservative / NPA vote, and a large portion of the registered republican voters in the 18th district.

Essentially a mathematical majority. He is a strong supporter of President Trump, well known in the GOP, National and Global Arena, and is a specialist at fixing problematic business matters.

KW Miller will be the next Congressional Representative for Florida’s 18th Congressional District.

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