Liberal RINO Brian Mast Talks Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth

Leaders lead, in times of crisis and more importantly, when nobody is looking. No cameras, no press conferences, no media, they just know what to do and do it.

Unfortunately, Florida’s 18th Congressional District is “devoid” of leadership and experience. It is a truly sad situation indeed, especially as our district is diverse, complex and requires significant financial, operational and engineering expertise, among other critical leadership.

You simply can’t “Fake It” in Florida’s 18th Congressional District, you will be exposed. Thus is the case of Brian Mast, who for lack of better terms is simply over his head on all fronts and certainly not a leader.

How Liberal RINO Brian Mast made it to a second term in office remains a mystery, but safe to say his days are numbered and for extremely good reasons.

He who controls the independent and crossover vote, will win the 18th district. As it stands today, KW Miller has stepped into the breach with majority support of Independents and crossover voters, as well as a large percentage of the Republican base in the 18th District, polling well over fifty percent (50%).

The current incumbent, Brian Mast has earned a well justified label of the #1 Liberal RINO in the U.S. House of Representatives, most vulnerable in Congress, and is at the top of the list across the board to be taken out in Washington, D.C.

To be fair, Brian Mast did it to himself. He need only look in the mirror at his actions and lack thereof. Not long after being elected in 2016, after telling the voters of the 18th District what they wanted to hear on talking points, Mast showed his true colors by writing an op-ed in the New York Times calling for gun control an open attack on the Second Amendment, among many other liberal transgressions. Mast also cast a very controversial vote on Transgender’s in the Military, further infuriating the base (albeit later trying to explain it away).

When you are explaining, you are losing!

Mast then tripled-down and co-sponsored a Gun Control bill HR8 with the Democrats in Washington, DC, and pushed Florida legislators to enact anti-Second Amendment legislation at the State Level. Across the board, Mast’s voting record and actions have earned him a failing grade by all Stakeholders.

When you openly lie to the voting base, beg for a fight over Constitutional Rights, one can expect a full-on revolt by the base and more importantly, the Military Veterans. Mast was elected in 2016 primarily on the back having lost his legs while serving in the Military and relying on his Military service, and Veteran support as the “hall pass” for not having any real experience in matters that are absolutely critical to the 18th district; Mast had no financial, operational and engineering and large project expertise; Mast had no water, infrastructure, agriculture, regulatory matters.

Mast signed a pledge in 2016 that he fully supported the Second Amendment, promised the Veteran community that he would never betray them or the Constitution. Yet, that is exactly what he did, openly lied to the Veterans and other 18th District voters.

If lying to fellow Military Veterans and going against the Second Amendment was not enough, Mast also failed to stay true to other critical platforms like health care and immigration, both major issues for all voters in the 18th District.

Mast then tried to cover his tracks by focusing on Lake Okeechobee water levels, which he has no expertise or knowledge. Instead Mast aligned with special interest groups for his talking points.

Essentially Brian Mast became the “Spokesperson” for special interest and dark money talking points, not actual science.

Mast went further and started openly attacking State and Local officials at the behest of his special interest backers. That created another major backlash against Mast.

Aligning with special interest and dark money on “Critical Water Quality Issues”, like turning on the Second Amendment, has also turned out to be a disaster for Brian Mast, having made a lot of noise yet achieving nothing tangible, while at the same time further alienating the voting base.

Our next Congressional Representative we install in November of 2020 will have to stay true to the values of the electorate, true to their word, which should mean building bipartisan support for progress in the 18th district with the Stakeholders.

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