The Advent of the Independent Conservative Voter

The vast majority of Americans, if asked, will tell you that they are “Independents” and that they are “Conservatives”. Obviously, they will define those terms in different ways, but Independent is perhaps the defining characteristic of the American citizen – or at least, it was for our first 150 years as a nation.

If you are a principled Conservative registered republican voter (which is more than just an instinctive conservative), then you are forced to be an Independent, voting for the most conservative candidate you can find, and that’s only IF you can find one.

For the Republicans in name only (RINO’s), it’s all about POWER. In reality, these “Neocons” are every bit as socialistic as their Democratic “opponents” in the elections.

They use the platform to fool conservatives into voting for “the lesser of two evils”, over and over.

And we keep falling for it. Which results in greater and faster growth of big government, no matter which party is in power. The movement is inexorably to the Left.

Case in point, Liberal RINO Brian Mast (FL-18), who co-sponsored and voted for Anti Second Amendment legislation with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in House Bill HR8. Mast also voted to have the U.S. Government fund Transgender sex change operations, voted to fast track illegal immigrants, vote for legislation written by members of the EMGAGE/CAIR groups, well known for pushing Islamic agendas.

The bottom line is that we must start denying the existing ruling parties our automatic fealty and our votes, if we are to bring them to heel and get them to be responsive to the principles they claim to stand on when they are campaigning.

Since they can only be communicated with by winning or losing, they MUST begin to lose elections when phony conservative promises continue to be translated into socialistic legislation in Washington like Liberal RINO Brian Mast.

Let’s start the change by sending Independent Conservative KW Miller (FL-18) to Congress. Miller has committed to join the House Freedom Caucus and restore true fiscal responsibility to Congress.

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